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AFP: New WikiLeaks release will ‘dwarf’ previous leak

The Pentagon has been searching through a database on the Iraq war in preparation for the expected release of around 400,000 secret military documents by WikiLeaks, AFP reports this morning.

This follows WikiLeaks’ release of classified military documents relating to the war in Afghanistan back in July. Reports of another release this week have concerned officials, AFP claims.

In order to prepare for the anticipated release of sensitive intelligence on the US-led Iraq war, officials set up a 120-person taskforce several weeks ago to comb through the database and “determine what the possible impacts might be,” said Colonel David Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman.

The Department of Defense is concerned the leak compiles “significant activities” from the war, which include incidents such as known attacks against coalition troops, Iraqi security forces, civilians or infrastructure in the country.

The documents are expected to be released early this week and WikiLeaks is thought to again be working with former media partners – The New York Times, the Guardian and Germany’s Der Spiegel – for a simultaneous release, the report adds.