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Time.com: The 10 major newspapers ‘that will either fold or go digital’

Time’s predictions Updated to make it clear, as pointed out on the MediaNation blog and by Adam Reilly, for example, that the list was published on the Time.com Business&Tech section of its site, but was authored by Douglas A. McIntyre, who writes at 24/7 WallStreet.com.

The next US papers to face the chop, as predicted by McIntyre:

1. The Philadelphia Daily News

2. The Minneapolis Star Tribune

3. The Miami Herald

4. The Detroit News

5. The Boston Globe

6. The San Francisco Chronicle

7. The Chicago Sun-Times

8. NY Daily News

9. The Fort Worth Star Telegram

10. The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Full story at this link…

NYTimes.com – Bono’s first column starts with ‘Gaelic revelry’ in a Dublin pub

The New York Times has announced that U2 lead singer Bono is now writing a column for The New York Times and NYTimes.com. A release said:

“Beginning this Sunday, his columns will appear occasionally on The New York Times Op-Ed page and online at nytimes.com/opinion and will cover a broad range of subjects.  He will also do a podcast of his first column.”

Bono’s first column here. It starts ‘in a crush in a Dublin pub around New Year’s’. Not everyone is a fan – the Pheonix’s Adam Reilly is not too impressed by the ‘Frank Sinatra homage’:

“Lame topic, overly florid writing, a journalistic conflict of interest….” Reilly writes.