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CNN’s iReport attracts nearly 4,000 submissions on Iranian elections

The role of amateurs, citizen journalists and non-professional media in the coverage of the Iranian elections and subsequent protests has been significant, both in its provision of material and insight to traditional news organisations, who have had their reporting restricted; and in its use of social media tools.

CNN’s citizen journalism site, iReport, has received 3,866 submissions on Iran since coverage of the elections began, with 1,600 from last Saturday and Sunday alone, according to a press release.

Of these, 131 have been used on air or online by CNN, after producers have carried out verification checks.

It is apparent that the reason for this astonishing increase in iReports is because of the strong views felt towards this specific case. Likewise during the election of Barack Obama CNN also saw an increase in iReports.

Break Media launches

Break Media has launched, a new website focusing on sports, gadgets and fashion for men. An email version of the title has also been created with 100,000 subscribers so far.

According to a press release announcing the site’s launch, the website is expected to achieve 1 million ‘readers’ within just 30 days.

The site is hoping to attract advertisers who want to target a focused, male audience – it’s the first property launched by Break, which publishes seven other sites, in this area.

Former staff writer at, B.J. Fleming, has been named as managing editor for the site.