#newscycle – day three, Brugge to Rijkevorsel

Day three of @journalismnews owner @johncthompson‘s epic 11-day ride from Brighton, UK to Oslo, Norway in aid of @JournoCharity (Journalists’ Charity), @CR_UK (Cancer Research UK) and @GistSupportUK.

Journalists – watch the video and listen to the audio about the great work of the Journalists’ Charity. And learn more about my ride.

I will be braving hills, rain, wind, punctures, sore muscles etc so please make it worth my while by sponsoring me as generously as you can afford.

Today’s ride covered 77 miles with 473 feet of climbs.

Final count was 78.64 miles which I completed in 7 hrs 30 mins.

Got off to a good start after finally managing to get a good few hours sleep. Sun was shining and cycle paths again amazing, taking me through forests and along canals.

Wildlife count today: a pair of hares, various lapwings and a deer (the latter apparently a pet at my B&B in Rijkevorsel).

By afternoon ominous clouds started to form and it became quite close as if before a summer storm. Which meant more flies flying in my face, eyes and mouth, especially by the canal.

City navigation continues to kill my average speed even though I had no significant route mishaps today. And my route through Antwerpen, apart from an amazing tunnel, was not especially pleasant.

Managed a lunch break today and that, with yesterday’s sweet snacks from Brugge kept me fuelled up nicely.

The jury is still out on Beetroot shots. Tried one yesterday and not too unpleasant but it clearly wasn’t enough on its own.

Met someone on a penny farthing today – an early 19th century French model. Only on the flatlands of Belgium on a still day would you get away with that.

The family that owned it were most amused by its English name – guess the currency didn’t translate.

I’m posting pictures on Twitter by the way – follow @johncthompson

Here’s a video from today. The sound quality isn’t great but it gives a taste of today’s ride.

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