Journalisted Weekly: Bahrain, Breivik and Abu Qatada

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Bahrain, Breivik and Abu Qatada

For the week ending Sunday 22 April:

  • The controversy over the staging of the Bahrain Grand Prix
  • The Anders Breivik trial, the Home Office’s attempts at deporting Abu Qatada and the French general election were covered lots
  • Jim Yong Kim named president of the World Bank, an air crash in Pakistan killed 127, NHS workers set to go on strike and a series of bombs in Iraq were covered little

Covered Lots

Covered Little

Political ups and downs (top ten by number of articles)

Celebrity vs Serious

Eurozone leaders (top ten by number of articles)

No other Eurozone leaders were mentioned in UK press coverage.

Who wrote a lot about… Abu Qatada

Long form journalism

The Orwell Prize shortlists were announced this week – six books, six journalists and seven bloggers

Hacked Off is reporting live from the Leveson inquiry again this week via twitter @hackinginquiry and

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