Media release: NCTJ announces new business journalism qualification

The National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) is to offer students the chance to study a specialist module in business journalism.

The module will form part of the the NCTJ’s diploma in journalism and will give students a chance to study business and finance reporting in greater depth.

The programme of study is being developed by Steve Dyson, a journalist and media consultant, supported by an advisory panel including Robert Peston, Paul Addison, European head of training and education for Bloomberg and Ian King, business editor of The Times.

In a release, Stephen Mitchell, the chairman of the NCTJ’s Journalism Qualifications board, said: “The economy continues to be the single most important news agenda item in the media.”

“While all journalists should have an understanding and ability to report business and finance stories, this specialist option will provide an opportunity for students and trainees to gain a broader and deeper understanding of business and finance reporting.”

1 thought on “Media release: NCTJ announces new business journalism qualification

  1. mjkShervani

    MEDIA clinic
    (Specialization: Journalist & Anchors)
    1.A mild cold message of Diploma in Journalism with dream-psychology… daily x 320 days.
    2.Kitchen-relations with a senior journalist ……. Once a day x two yrs.
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    5.If wrong; offer apology-antibiotic…. Without delay.
    6.Use sparingly politicians/fellow journalists/ Actors/ Businessmen, before they use you…. They can never be friends: their occupation rests on give & take…

    Ajournalist must avoid :
    News-interacting on empty stomach… physically and mentally; to avoid SCAMS-net…
    Not all but most heroes fell owing GREED…. Even societies fall with this viral -infection…
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    Very easy : with further research and breakthroughs in I.T. most people will operate from all over as journalist; professional Journalists will do the job of POSTMASTER-TEMPLATES (sorting, decorating , arranging and editing for various institutions and Corporate) with phenomenal speed… News papers will be like Toffee wrappers !

    M Jawed K Shervani, KSA

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