Journalisted Weekly: The budget, Toulouse and Fabrice Muamba

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The budget, Toulouse and Fabrice Muamba

For the week ending Sunday 25 March.
  • The budget, and its repercussions, dominated the news headlines this week
  • The recovery of Fabrice Muamba, the Toulouse killings and Queen Elizabeth II covered lots
  • Philip Hammond doing an about turn on aircraft carriers, the police ballot on right to strike and confirmation of the Reynolds Defence covered little

Covered lots

  • The budget was, not surprisingly, the centre of attention this week with 614 articles , with the main attention falling on the so-called ‘Granny tax’, 202 articles.
  • The extraordinary recovery of Fabrice Muamba, 365 articles.
  • The Toulouse killings, siege and the resulting death of Mohammed Merah, 201 articles
  • The Queen, in honour of her Diamond Jubilee, heard addresses from both Houses of Parliament, 91 articles

Covered little

Political ups and downs (top ten by number of articles)

Celebrity vs Serious

  • One Direction were the first British band to hit the number one spot in the US with their debut album, 77 articles vs. The Health and Social Care passes the last major hurdle as Labour failed in their attempt to delay the Bill further, 24 articles
  • The new BBC music talent show – ‘The Voice’ – hit our TV screens on Saturday night, 76 articles vs. Kofi Annan’s peace mission to Syria, said to be the last chance for Syria to avoid a ‘prolonged and bloody civil war’, 41 articles
  • Tulisa confirms her identity in sex tape, 44 articles vs. Glaxosmithkline announce a £500 million investment that will create 1,000 jobs in Cumbria and Scotland, 20 articles

Eurozone leaders (top ten by number of articles)

No other Eurozone leaders were mentioned in UK press coverage.

Who wrote a lot about… the ‘granny tax’

Long form journalism

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