Journalisted Yearly: Arab Spring, phone-hacking and the Eurozon

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Journalisted Yearly: Arab Spring, phone-hacking and the Eurozone

for the week ending Sunday 18 December

  • The Arab Spring, phone-hacking scandal and the Eurozone debt crisis were the biggest stories of 2011
  • The royal wedding, the natural disaster in Japan and the UK summer riots were extensively covered
  • Reality TV shows such as The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing attracted much media interest…
  • …while deadly mudslides in Brazil, Mexico’s ongoing drug war, the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize and mass protests in Chile received little attention

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15 most covered UK politicians

Top 10 current European Union leaders

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Celebrity vs serious

Weird and wonderful

  • ‘The Rapture’ preacher Harold Camping predicted that the world was going to end in May. He then changed the date to October, 67 articles
  • Einstein’s theory of special relativity was called into question when scientists found neutrinos could travel faster than the speed of light, 51 articles
  • Silvio Berlusconi released an album of love songs, 30 articles
  • 20 tonnes of marmite were spilled on the motorway in South Yorkshire, 13 articles
  • Six members of the European Space Agency finally ended their 520 days of isolation as part of a simulated space journey to Mars. They were locked in a capsule in a Moscow car park for the experiment, 12 articles
  • A ‘drunk’ moose was found stuck in an apple tree in Sweden, 8 articles
  • In July, the first artificial organ transplant was carried out in Sweden. Scientists created a synthetic windpipe that was covered in the patient’s stem cells, meaning that there was no risk of organ rejection, 6 articles.
  • November saw the world’s biggest zombie march in Mexico City, 3 articles

Newly added words added to the Oxford English Dictionary

Who wrote a lot about…the Leveson Inquiry

Lisa O’Carroll – 71 articles (The Guardian), James Robinson – 57 articles (The Guardian), Josh Halliday – 43 articles (The Guardian), James Cusick – 37 articles (The Independent), Roy Greenslade – 35 articles (The Guardian), Dan Sabbagh – 30 articles (The Guardian), Ben Fenton – 29 articles (Financial Times), Ben Webster – 26 articles (The Times), Cahal Milmo – 24 articles (The Independent), Sarah Rainey – 20 articles (Daily Telegraph)

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