INSI: Safety advice for journalists covering riots and violence

The International News Safety Institute today (9 August) issued an advisory notice for news outlets covering the violence which has broken out in London and beyond in the past few days.

Its checklist for civil disturbances will serve as a very important guide in the wake of any further violence now, or in the future.

Pointers on the checklist include:

  • Establish pre-arranged contact points with the rest of the crew;
  • always carry press identification but to conceal it if it attracts unwarranted attention;
  • have a mobile phone with emergency numbers already pre-set for speed dialling;
  • have eye protection on you such as swimming goggles or industrial eye protection;
  • for reporters – you don’t have to be in the crowd as long as you can see what’s happening;
  • for photographers or camera operators – try to shoot from a higher vantage point;

The INSI advisory also offers recommendations for equipment, if available, such as first aid kits, knee pads, ear plugs and flame retardant spray.

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