Will your next journalism job application be via LinkedIn’s new button?

LinkedIn has launched an ‘apply with LinkedIn’ button allowing companies to recruit using the social network.

Job seekers can then use the button to submit an application and are able to see other employees of the firm and make contact with them.

Prospective employers will be able to see your connections so this new functionality is another reason to get your LinkedIn profile in order and gather a good quality, rather than quantity, of contacts.

There are tips on how journalists can best use LinkedIn in this podcast, which includes advice for news organisations setting up profile pages.

The LinkedIn Blog states:

We’ve put an incredible amount of effort to rethink the job application process from end-to-end to make it a one-click submit for any professional. The first step was simple: put the functionality everywhere our members need it. That means packaging it as a simple button that you can recognise anywhere across the web. We’ve made this simple enough to implement so both  companies and developers can easily include it on their corporate websites.

Here is the code for adding the ‘apply with LinkedIn’ button.

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