Fox News Twitter account hacked, claims Obama is dead

Fox News has apparently fallen foul of hackers, with its @foxnewspolitics feed being used to spread false rumours about Barack Obama being shot and killed.

Earlier this morning, the account announced: “Just regained full access to our Twitter and email”, before embarking on a series of tweets that announced fake details about Obama’s death.!/foxnewspolitics/status/87766219251388416!/foxnewspolitics/status/87767012222316544!/foxnewspolitics/status/87767953528983555!/foxnewspolitics/status/87768738866266112!/foxnewspolitics/status/87769962151817216


The most recent tweet bids Joe Biden good luck as the “new President of the United States”.

It remains unclear whether Fox News has regained control over the account.

Gizmodo have reported that @TheScriptKiddie and @ScriptKiddi3s (both now suspended) have claimed responsibility for the attack.


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