Bloggers showing ‘plenty of interest’ in writing for HuffPo UK

Huffington Post launches its UK edition on 6 July with bloggers showing “plenty of interest”.

AOL, which owns the HuffPo, would not reveal the number of bloggers who have put themselves forward but said there are lots of “regular UK bloggers” who have showed an interest, plus some “big names”, which will be announced in the run up to the launch date.

It seems there is no shortage of bloggers who are prepared to write for the new UK edition – which will be part of the third most-read news site in the world –  without getting paid. UK bloggers have seemingly not been deterred by a group of bloggers in the US who launched legal action against the site claiming back pay following the sale by Arianna Huffington to AOL for $315m (£195m).

The UK site, with Carla Buzasi as editor-in-chief and Chris Wimpress as political editor, will go live in less than a fortnight with an evening event to mark the site’s launch.

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