paidContent: Which news sites post the most stories and do they get more hits?

It’s well worth following this link to click to paidContent’s interactive chart which shows the number of stories posted by major UK news sites by day of the week.

Interestingly the Telegraph posts the greatest number of stories – exceeding 1,000 per day in the middle of the week – whereas the Mail Online holds the record for clocking up the most views, today reporting 77 million unique users in May.

paidContent concludes:

Story volume does correlate with audience size, but not universally. Although publishes more stories than anyone (not including its blogs), it ranks third for audience size.

Mail Online and Guardian otherwise rank amongst highest on both counts, while the Times is the fourth most prolific story publisher but, behind its paywall, has far fewer readers.

The full paidContent post, plus charts, is at this link.

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