Journalisted Weekly: Obama, Ryan Giggs, G8, & ash

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For the week ending Sunday 29 May

  • Obama’s European tour captures the headlines
  • Debate over privacy injunctions spreads across tabloids and broadsheets
  • Alleged sexual harassment by French government minister covered little

Covered lots

  • President Obama’s UK and Ireland visits ahead of the G8, including Guinness sampling, a Buckingham Palace banquet, and historic addresses to Parliament and Westminster Hall, 340 articles
  • Footballer Ryan Giggs is named by MP John Hemming for having taken out an injunction, igniting further debate over privacy law and the internet, 176 articles
  • The G8 Summit in Paris, including talks over Middle East aid, Russia as mediator in the Libya conflict, and internet regulation, 154 articles
  • Iceland’s most active volcano erupts, causing more than 500 flights over Scotland to be cancelled in fear of another ash cloud, 129 articles
  • Serbian fugitive Ratko Mladic, arrested and awaiting trial at the Hague for the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, 126 articles

Covered little

Political ups and downs (top ten by number of articles)

Celebrity vs serious

Arab spring

Who wrote a lot about…’The G8 Summit’

Patrick Wintour – 12 articles (The Guardian), Tim Bradshaw – 11 articles (Financial Times), Kim Willsher – 7 articles (The Guardian), Sam Coates – 6 articles (The Times), Andrew Porter – 5 articles (The Telegraph), Tom Chivers – 4 articles (The Telegraph)

Long form journalism

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