Journalisted Weekly: Bin Laden, wedding hangover, & Scottish election

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For the week ending Sunday 8 May

  • Bin Laden’s death pushed royal wedding out of the headlines
  • AV, Scottish and Welsh elections dominated political news
  • A mass grave in Ivory Coast and rising African affluence, covered little

Covered lots

  • Osama bin Laden, found and shot dead in Pakistan by the Americans almost 10 years after 9/11, 1,329 articles
  • The Royal Wedding, including comment on wedding highlights and honeymoon destinations, 590 articles
  • The AV referendum goes to the polls and loses the vote, while the Lib Dems suffer most in the local elections, 465 articles
  • The Scottish parliament election, with the SNP winning a second term on an overall majority, 258 articles

Covered little

  • The neighbour of Joanna Yeates, Vincent Tabak, pleads guilty to her manslaughter but faces trial for murder, 21 articles
  • The last known WW1 veteran, Claude Stanley Choules, dies aged 110, 15 articles
  • Ahmadinejad’s allies accused of sorcery, amid a power struggle between him and Ayatollah Khamenei, 6 articles
  • A mass grave is uncovered in Ivory Coast, one of several found since political unrest gripped the country after last year’s disputed election, 3 articles
  • A study by the African Development Bank reports 1/3 of Africans are now middle class, 2 articles

Political ups and downs (top ten by number of articles)

David Cameron: 737 articles (+135% on previous week)

Celebrity vs serious

Arab spring

Who wrote a lot about…’Osama Bin Laden’

Toby Harnden – 14 articles (Telegraph), Farhan Bokhari – 12 articles (Financial Times), James Lamont – 12 articles (Financial Times), Declan Walsh – 12 articles (The Guardian), Ewen MacAskill – 10 articles (The Guardian), Jason Burke – 10 articles (The Guardian), Padraic Flanagan – 9 articles (Daily Express), Rob Crilly – 9 articles (Telegraph, The Scotsman), Catherine Philp – 8 articles (The Times)

Long form journalism

4,084 words: Tunisia: after the revolutionRoula Khalaf, Financial Times, 6 May 2011
3,994 words: Osama bin Laden obituaryLawrence Joffe and Jason Burke, The Guardian, 2 May 2011
2,941 words: Morgellons: A hidden epidemic or mass hysteria? – Will Storr, The Guardian, 7 May 2011

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