Five of the best Tumblr news blogs

Blogging site Tumblr is growing at an incredible speed. There are now 32 million people in the US 4.5 million people in the UK visiting the site.

News organisations are engaging with the community by setting up their own Tumblr blogs. The Guardian set up a Tumblr account in January and started posting stories in February.

We have been taking a look at the Tumblr blogs of news organisations from around the world and have compiled a list of our favourite five.

1. Canada’s National Post

Why? For its use of photographs, front pages and graphics.


2. Washington Post’s Innovations

Why? For its linking of third party content, integration into its main site and the superb technology content (minus the deluge of royal wedding posts)

Washington Post Innovations

3. The Guardian

Why? For its design. It looks just like the Guardian. It includes a well-thought out layout, quantity and type of stories.

Guardian on Tumblr

3. LA Times

Why? For it tone and fabulous collection of photos.

LA Times on Tumblr

5. Newsweek

Why? For being very social and introducing us to their Tumblr person, linking multimedia content such as SoundCloud and for handy tabs within their layout theme

Newsweek Tumblr

Follow our how to guide to creating a Tumblr blog for a news organisation.

6 thoughts on “Five of the best Tumblr news blogs

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  2. Chris Boutet

    Hey Ben,

    The National Post’s regular website at is about 70% powered by WordPress, but we started our Tumblr site up because we wanted to be a part of that network. Thanks to the ease of reblogging and the recent addition of better tagging, content travels quickly in Tumblr and has allowed us to reach vast new communities of readers who might not have otherwise seen our work.

    I wrote a post back in January breaking down how Tumblr as a platform helped NP turn an off-the-cuff graphic into an online hit. Good example of the benefit, IMO.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    Chris Boutet
    Senior Producer, Digital Media
    National Post

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  4. Daniel Gossage

    Tumblr is a great place and it is easy to see why. It is growing at a phenonomal rate. Knowing how to blog is one thing. You still need to expand into other areas and tumblr is one of these great other areas

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