TechCrunch: Google Realtime Search adds Facebook

Journalists can now search for keywords and get second-by-second updates on topics of interest from a wider range of sources. TechCrunch is reporting that Google Realtime Search, which allows real-time updates from social media sites including Twitter, has added results from Quora, Buzz, Gowalla and Facebook.

The really interesting addition is Facebook. Before you get too excited, it appears that only Facebook Pages data is surfaced. So it’s not actually personal profile data. And obviously all of this Pages data is public, which is how Google is getting it. But previously, Google has distanced themselves from crawling the content of their big rival, even when it is available.

Our Google Realtime Search for “royal wedding”, pictured below, revealed only tweets.

Royal wedding search

However, site search of Facebook for’s event news:rewired did yield a result.

Google Facebook news:rewired search

See the full post on TechCrunch at this link.