Ministers confirm UK adoption of cookie rules

In a release today the Department for Culture, Media and Sport announced ministers have confirmed the UK will adopt an amended framework on electronic communications “exactly as set out by the EU”, which will include the need for website owners to get the user’s permission before a cookie – a text file used to store information such as user preferences – can be used.

Today’s announcement follows a consultation where concerns were raised about the impact of changes to the use of cookies.

To address these concerns, the Government has said it will work with browser manufacturers to see if browser setting can be enhanced to meet the requirements of the revised directive.

The updated directives must be implemented by 25 May, the release added, and the Information Commissioner’s Office will publish further guidance on the use of cookies.

Last month Information Commissioner Christopher Graham said the new law will be a challenge but “will have positive benefits” by offering more choice and control over what information businesses and other organisations can store on and access from consumers’ own computers.

But he added that the limited time remaining until the directive becomes European law was causing concern.

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