ReadWriteWeb: Twitter to offer brand pages like Facebook’s, report says

ReadWriteWeb reports Twitter has plans to create brand pages, much like Facebook’s, which will provide more space for brands – such as news organisations – to communicate, outside of the structure of 140 character messages and short profiles.

“Branded pages on Twitter could be interesting, although Twitter is more flow-based than page based,” says Rick Mans, Social Media Lead at Capgemini, a technology consulting service based in Paris, France with 110,000 employees across 40 countries.

Would users recoil at increased brand messaging on Twitter? Might it lead to the MySpace-ification of Twitter profile pages? Making customized profile pages a paid product for verified business owners could help prevent that from happening. It may be difficult to imagine how users would react – but it’s very clear that business users would love to take a shot at it.

ReadWriteWeb’s full article is at this link.

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