10,000 Words: Newsrooms can learn from tech start-up culture

Newspapers looking to reinvent their newsroom culture could learn a few things from small, nimble tech start-ups, according to a post on tech-meets-journalism blog 10,000 Words.

Suggestions include replacing your website’s dull list of contacts with individual journalist photos and biographies and getting journalists to do more behind-the-scenes blogging about their daily work.

“In an era when we’re pushing for news transparency more than ever, creating a team page and individual biography pages should be easy to accomplish,” the site says.

“For a newspaper or other news site, the page could contain background information, areas of interest, disclosures, and ways to contact that author if you have a tip.

“There’s so much we can learn from trials and tribulations in our newsrooms that we can share with other newspaper staffs or our readers.”

See the full list of ideas here.

One thought on “10,000 Words: Newsrooms can learn from tech start-up culture

  1. Diane Stresing

    At first pass, I like the idea of having a glimpse inside the newsroom. My second thought, especially after watching another nauseating 10 minutes of a local TV newscast, is NO THANKS.

    Better: instead of showing us what reporters do “behind the scenes,” produce real news (I don’t care that my local weather reporter runs marathons, and I DON’T want to watch a :20 clip of her training) and thoughtful, balanced feature reporting.

    Professional reporting will tell its own story about what’s going on behind the scenes.

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