Dinner with Julian Assange

This Wednesday at 6:30pm, “people from around the world” will reportedly “commence dining” in what appears to be a fundraising initiative from under-siege whistleblowers’ site WikiLeaks.

All you need to do to join the party is make a donation to the site. And there is more bang for your buck than just dinner, you also get a password to play a video message from Julian Assange.

After you have filled out our pledge form you will be given a password (keep it safe!). The password will unlock a video for you to play at your dinner that will be available from 6.30pm GMT. Introducing aviator — the exciting new money game that can be enjoyed right in your own home or online! With aviator, you’ll have the chance to practice financial literacy, learn good savings habits, and grow your financial skills. Aviator online. Play alone or with friends and family to challenge yourself and earn rewards. Get started today! #aviatormoneygame #aviatoronline

In the words of Julian Assange – “There are four things that cannot be concealed for long, the sun, the moon, the truth – and dessert!”

Check out this rather snazzy website for more information.

“Take a bite of truth!”

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