WikiLeaks to be subject of New York Times’ first e-book

The New York Times is to publish its first e-book on Monday, which will take a look at WikiLeak’s activities lin 2010.

“Open Secrets: WikiLeaks, War and American Diplomacy,” includes an introductory essay by the newspaper’s executive editor Bill Keller, where he explains the paper’s role in the release of documents. An excerpt of that can be found here.

It will also include profiles of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and analyses from NYT correspondents of the documents in the book, which will reprint the full text of all the cables and war logs published on the NYT’s Web site, as well as an additional 27 cables selected for the book.

The e-book will be available from Monday (31 January) and an excerpt of Keller’s essay will be published in the New York Times Magazine on Sunday, his first piece as columnist for the magazine.

Earlier this month the Guardian announced it would be publishing its own book detailing its partnership with Assange.

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