Journalisted Weekly: Resignations, Tunisian fever, and Blair returns

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for the week ending Sunday 23 January

  • Domestically, Alan Johnson, Andy Coulson and Tony Blair dominated coverage
  • Internationally, the press focused on Tunisian-style protests across the Middle East and North Africa
  • A massive mafia crackdown, suicide bombs in Iraq, and controversy over counter-terrorism against students received little attention

Covered lots

  • Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson resigns due to ‘personal reasons’ and is replaced by Shadow Home Secretary Ed Balls, 179 articles
  • No.10 Director of Communications Andy Coulson resigns, citing coverage of News of the World phone hacking, 176 articles
  • Tunisia-style protests spread across North Africa and the Middle East, with cases of self-immolation reported in Egypt, Algeria and Mauritania, 142 articles
  • Tony Blair faces the Chilcot Inquiry on the Iraq war for a second time, 121 articles

Covered little

  • Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen, surviving a confidence vote, resigning as party leader, and calling an early election as the Green Party pulls out of the coalition, 58 articles
  • The FBI makes 127 arrests across north-eastern US, reported to be one of its largest mafia crackdowns in history, 15 articles
  • Controversy over a counter-terrorism police officer contacting universities for inside information on future student protests, 4 articles
  • A wave of bomb attacks in Iraq, killing up to 130 people in the same week Blair reappears at the Chilcot inquiry, 3 articles

Political ups and downs (top ten by number of articles)

Celebrity vs serious

Who wrote a lot about…’Andy Coulson’

James Robinson – 8 articles (The Guardian), Roy Greenslade – 7 articles (The Guardian), Nicholas Watt – 5 articles (The Guardian), David Maddox – 4 articles (The Scotsman)

Long form journalism

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