Is FOI the tool of the lazy journalist?

We ask the question in response to a blog post from the other side of the equation on the site We Love Local Government, which has published its plans for a ‘Lazy Journalist Index’, rating those journalists who, from a local government communications’ perspective, are “drains on the public purse”.

Full post at this link…

But as one commenter points out:

It’s not about local (or central) government deciding what’s best for us to know, but taxpayers – and that includes journalists – being able to decide and ask for themselves.

3 thoughts on “Is FOI the tool of the lazy journalist?

  1. Localgov

    Much as you might see us as the enemy, I’m actually truly interested to find out what people think about this issue. And I want to be very clear about something – we are in no way against the concept of FOI, and don’t want to see local government keeping all of its information secret.

    However, the misuse of this legislation is what gets our proverbial goats; use it to find out good information, but blanket requests to all Councils about biscuits is helping no-one.

  2. Laura Oliver Post author

    Hi Localgov,

    That’s exactly why I published the link to your post as I thought it would be useful for journalists to hear from the other side of the communications’ equation. Hopefully it’ll spark some useful debate for both sides.

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