Follow tonight’s Paul Foot Award ceremony will be at the Paul Foot Award 2010 tonight, and will endeavour to cover the result on @journalism_live and @journalismnews.

This year’s shortlist for the investigative journalism award is:

  • Jonathan Calvert and Clare Newell (Sunday Times) – on MPs and peers seeking cash for influence
  • David Cohen (Evening Standard) – on the plight of the poor in London
  • Nick Davies (Guardian) – on phone-hacking at the News of the World
  • Linda Geddes (New Scientist) – on evidence that DNA tests are not always accurately interpreted
  • Eamonn McCann (Irish Times, Belfast Newsletter, Guardian) – on the cover-up of the British army’s actions on Bloody Sunday
  • Clare Sambrook (numerous publications) – on the detention of asylum seekers’ children

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