Editor & Publisher: Washington Post to start crowdsourcing

In collaboration with story-sharing website Intersect The Washington Post is to start crowdsourcing, starting this weekend when readers are asked to share their experiences of the Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert rallies in Washington DC, according to the Editor & Publisher.

Post reporters will use Intersect – a beta website that lets users share stories through time and location for all to see – to report stories and lead the conversation with readers. According to a Post press release, crowdsourcing the rally will “create a richer, more in-depth story told from readers’ perspectives all over the rally, versus what a group of reporters can do alone.” The story will be available at washingtonpost.com.

One thought on “Editor & Publisher: Washington Post to start crowdsourcing

  1. Jaime

    As a huge Daily show and Colbert Report fan, I have to agree again. Crowdsourcing the rally reporting will create a very diverse record of how the event was, and will provide endless reading material for those interested.

    If you’re interested in further crowdsourcing, check out http://www.geniuscrowds.com, they’re doing the same kind of thing but with a different platform.

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