Journalisted Weekly: Spending review, Rooney and the BBC

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Each week Journalisted produces a summary of the most covered news stories, most active journalists and those topics falling off the news agenda, using its database of UK journalists and news sources. From now on we’ll be cross-posting them on

For the week ending Sunday 24 October

  • The much anticipated comprehensive spending review received lots and lots of coverage;
  • Wayne Rooney’s contract negotiations spilled from the sports sections onto the front pages;
  • There was little press interest in China’s new leader-in-waiting and the Brazilian presidential run-off.

Covered lots

  • The comprehensive spending review, announced in full last week, 1,045 articles;
  • Wayne Rooney, threatening to leave Manchester United, 677 articles;
  • The BBC, which avoided taking on the cost of TV licenses for over-75s by offering to start paying for the World Service BBC Monitoring, and various other bits and pieces, 109 articles.

Covered little

  • Xi Jinping, reported to be the likely successor to President Hu Jintao after his promotion to China’s military commission, 15 articles;
  • The Obama administration announcing the largest US arms deal in history, going to Saudi Arabia, 9 articles;
  • Jose Serra, an increasingly close contender for the Brazilian presidency run-off this weekend, 3 articles.

Political ups and downs (top 10 by number of articles)

  • George Osborne: 801 articles (+153 per cent on previous week);
  • David Cameron: 574 articles (-10 per cent on previous week);
  • Nick Clegg: 239 articles (+20 per cent on previous week);
  • Alan Johnson: 153 articles (+99 per cent on previous week);
  • Ed Miliband: 142 articles (-11 per cent on previous week);
  • Vince Cable: 135 articles (-45 per cent on previous week);
  • Gordon Brown: 120 articles (-16 per cent on previous week);
  • Tony Blair: 98 articles (-19 per cent on previous week);
  • Danny Alexander: 96 articles (+78 per cent on previous week);
  • Liam Fox: 77 articles (-14 per cent on previous week).

Celebrity vs serious

Who wrote a lot about…the ‘Tea Party’

Ed Pilkington – 8 articles (the Guardian), Richard Adams – 7 articles (the Guardian), Alex Spillius – 6 articles (the Telegraph), Anna Fifield – 4 articles (FT), Edward Luce – 4 articles (FT), Lloyd Marcus – 4 articles (the Guardian).

Long form journalism

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