Inforrm Blog: William Hague reports ‘postively damaging to public interest’

An interesting analysis from the International Forum for Responsible Media Blog (Inforrm) on the William Hague and Christopher Myers story and the media’s role in it:

The approach of some sections of the media to this story was not only irresponsible but is also, in seems to us, positively damaging to the public interest. If talented and accomplished politicians like Mr Hague are subject to rumour and innuendo of this kind they could be forgiven for thinking that a career in public life is not worth it. Of course the media should be scrutinising the decisions of elected politicians – including their decisions about the employment of advisers. What they should not be doing is sniping at their private lifes [sic] – forcing them to reveal matters which are deeply private and personal. The lack of public interest or benefit is plain.

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One thought on “Inforrm Blog: William Hague reports ‘postively damaging to public interest’

  1. edwina ayres

    Stick in there William. Don’t let the buggers grind you down. It’s only the slimy, grimy, dirt-diggers that slur people. I can see that your judgment was not very good at the time but having nothing to hide, you just shared a room. So what, I am a widow and my friend and I went with another couple to Spain and we shared a room to cut down the costs. So don’t give up on politics.

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