Nepal’s journalists are living in fear, reports Deepak Adhikari

Media Helping Media has an insiders view on the risks facing journalists in Nepal who question those in power, following publication of an interview by Adam Levitt with Deepak Adhikari, who claims to have witnessed attacks on reporters first hand.

He says that while telling their story effectively in the traditional press is incredibly difficult, the internet has offered him a platform to campaign for a safer environment for journalists.

Reporting the plight of the media in Nepal is irregular and often limited to a one column article in the newspaper they work for. As the horror stories are so regular, the atrocities fail to register with the public and, with each new attack, they are soon forgotten.

As a journalist who comes from the area where these journalists work, I have made it a point to rally for their cause. The internet has been used to great effect and I have written several reports compiled for Media Helping Media, including one about Nepal’s journalists living in fear , as well as writing on my blog, and giving interviews  such as this one.

See the full interview here…

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