What do you want first, the good news or the good news?

A free newspaper launched today in Canada will aim to put a smile on its readers’ faces – by promising to only cover good news.

The publication, called Zoom NB, will be distributed in cafes and restaurants in Moncton.

Speaking to CBC News, publisher Daniel Mlodecki said the newspaper will focus on the local community, using images to tell many of the stories.

What we’re tying to focus on are the people in our community and the things they’re doing. We’re going to demonstrate that through photography. So we’re going to have big, bright colourful photos of people we know in town of things that are happening.

It is reported that 10,000 copies of the paper will be printed in the first run. Mlodecki says so far the feedback has been positive.

We’ve got a very vibrant first issue coming out, We’ve got great reaction from advertisers. We’ve actually sold more than we thought we would and have been frankly a little overwhelmed with it.

Despite strong competition from established Irving-owned publications in the same area, the publisher is confident that there is enough room for the two of them.

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