BBC Scotland: Old hack or new journalism tricks – which wins?

BBC Radio Scotland is running a journalism experiment of sorts today – pitting an office-based, but internet-enabled journalist against another hack only allowed to ferret out stories face-to-face without even so much as a mobile phone for company.

The pair will be tasked with finding stories specific to the village of Cellardyke in Fife. Of course, a bit like the social media experiment by journalists in France, you have to wonder what the point of separating supposedly ‘old’ and ‘new’ skills is when the two can and should be combined. But in an age where many working journalists report a more desk-bound culture in the newsroom, the outcome will be interesting to see.

According to Allmediascotland, renowned journalists Bill Heaney and Joan McAlpine will then have to identify the source of each story produced and judge which made for better reading.

The programme ‘Old Hack, New Tricks’ will air today  at 11:30am and on Sunday 27 June at 10:30am on BBC Radio Scotland.

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