Index on Censorship: Iran’s Green Movement will be reborn in ‘small media’

Mahmood Enayat, a doctoral student at the Oxford Internet Institute and director of Iran, BBC World Service Trust, has an excellent post on reporting Iran, a year on from the presidential election protests.

Small media is key, he argues. “The green movement and its supporters inside and outside Iran need to go beyond the common perception and prescribed use of the internet (like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook) and come up with new and innovative solutions,” he says.

[Opposition leader, Mir Hossein Mousavi] himself has encouraged the green movement to embrace “small media”, which relies on offline social networks for further distribution of information. He is reminding the Green Movement of the lessons learned from the 1979 and Constitution Revolutions as both used small media to mobilise support and achieve their aims.

Full post at this link…

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