University of Westminster gets ready to discuss ‘Journalism’s Next Top Model’

The University of Westminster has chosen a more upbeat theme for its 2010 journalism event. Whereas we discussed ‘journalism in crisis’ this time last year, delegates from around the world will gather next week to find ‘Journalism’s Next Top Model’, a conference held by Westminster’s department of journalism in association with the British Journalism Review.

News media all over the world are failing as the traditional revenue from advertising bleeds to the web. Free news websites are discouraging the young from buying newspapers. So who will pay for what sort of journalism in the future?

The academic-oriented discussions take place on Tuesday 8 June; including presentations by Francois Nel from the University of Central Lancashire; Rasmus Kleis Nielsen and David Levy from the Reuters Institute; and Professor Steven Barnett from University of Westminster, who will be joined by speakers from all over the world – Sweden, Turkey, Norway and Macedonia, for example.

On the Wednesday, industry panellists will include: Jane Moore (the Sun); Peter Oborne (the Mail/ Channel 4); Roger Parry (former chair, Johnston Press); William Perrin (activist and blogger); and Claire Enders (Enders Analysis).

The conference concludes with the presentation of the British Journalism Review’s Outstanding Contribution to Broadcast Journalism prize; and a memorial lecture by Boris Johnson.

The conference will take place 8 June 2010 – 9 June 2010 at 309 Regent Street, London W1. Registration is via this form (download at this link) and we’re told applications will still be accepted on Monday.

1 thought on “University of Westminster gets ready to discuss ‘Journalism’s Next Top Model’

  1. jason brown

    . . .

    More upbeat … ?

    Extraordinary that there seems to be much haste to leave the journalism crisis behind, when there is no sign of its abatement.

    Amidst all the focus on loss of advertising – statistics even! – no similar data exists for loss in journalist or even newsroom numbers, outside of the US.

    Love the “next top model” gag, but wow can we seriously debate futures (of news, newspapers, journalism, media et al) when we don’t even know what’s happening – right now?

    . . .

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