Digital Strategy: Why Camden council is moving into hyperlocal websites

Thoughtful piece explaining why Camden Council, with the help of community media and communications project Talk About Local, is planning to launch some hyperlocal websites to give local residents “a voice online” and allow the council to encourage them to speak about issues in their communities, without necessarily controlling that conversation.

Talk About Local founder Will Perrin explains the work TAL is doing with Camden Council far more eloquently in this video. But it’s interesting to consider how such developments might affect the local media landscape, especially with many UK newspaper groups investing in ‘hyperlocal’ networks? Will there be resistance to such plans from local media, as has been the case with council-run newspapers; or is there a space for these websites alongside local news media, which as Perrin suggests will also cover civic issues and news?

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4 thoughts on “Digital Strategy: Why Camden council is moving into hyperlocal websites

  1. william perrin


    the intention here is community owned, bottom up highly local websites just like . On that site (next door to camden) we have an excellent record of working with the local paper (Islington Gazette) and the council, talking about all sorts of local issues and adding value.

    There is lots of space for everyone in this territory if we all approach it right.



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