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#Whitehaven #Cumbria shootings: key journalists to follow as story unfolds

June 2nd, 2010Posted by in Journalism

At time of writing, police are searching for a gunman, who has killed a number of people and injured others after opening fire in several areas of west Cumbria.

Police are searching for the suspect, named as Derrick Bird, after shots were fired in Whitehaven, Seascale and Egremont, reports BBC News Online.

As the local newspaper website, the News & Star, groans under the weight of traffic, journalists covering the story locally are posting updates to Twitter and other sites. Key people to follow are:

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  • Lee Swettenham

    Just to point out – one of @cumbriatweetups tweets that has been heavily retweeted claims “11 dead now” when the link it refers to says “11 shootings”. There’s a big difference between ‘deaths’ and ‘shootings’.

  • Mike

    Sadly @cumbriatweetups was right Lee. Terrible day.

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