E&P: US media ‘unabashedly biased’ toward Barack Obama

Editor & Publisher have a comment piece from Congressman Lamar Smith in which he claims the US media have been exceptionally favourable toward President Obama and relatively disparaging of George Bush and the tea party movement.

The mainstream media’s treatment of President Obama provides an interesting case study. Journalists who gave to President Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign outnumbered those who contributed to Sen. McCain by 20-to-1.

And once the election was over, the slanted coverage continued. The nonpartisan Center for Media and Public Affairs, comparing media coverage of Presidents Bush and Obama at the same point in their presidencies, found that 58 percent of all network news evaluations of Obama and his policies were favorable, while only 33 percent of assessments of Bush were favorable.

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One thought on “E&P: US media ‘unabashedly biased’ toward Barack Obama

  1. Abbas

    this is utter, biased nonesense. Firstly, Fox news and other very popular, powerful media are 100% against Obama. Secondly, Bush somewhat blotted his copybook by leading the country into one of the most unpopular wars since Vietnam.

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