MediaWeek: The Sun to publish 3D issue

According to MediaWeek, the Sun is to publish a 3D issue. But its report mentions nothing of ‘augmented reality’ – just good old 3D glasses.

The News International-owned red-top is to be the first national newspaper to run ads and editorial in this format. The one-off title will be published on 5 June, when Sun readers will see a chunk of its editorial, including Page 3, ads and a World Cup Fixtures Wall Chart in 3D. Sun readers will receive a pair of 3D glasses with the paper.

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(Hat-tip: @martinstabe)

Last month Grazia unveiled its first 3D issue; users had to hold up a code printed on the pages of the magazine to a webcam or iPhone and watch content appear on their screens.

2 thoughts on “MediaWeek: The Sun to publish 3D issue

  1. Jeremy Smith

    A bit gimmicky maybe but 3D print technology has moved on so much since the tacky holograms that came out in the 80s, anyone remember the really bad ones that appeared on the front of cereal boxes and the like. News Internationals interest in this can only result in wider exposure of this very much improved print format and hopefully the outcome will be a positive step forward. Anyway, now comes the shameless self selling. I am a 3D artist that has worked on various cutting edge digital holography projects and if you want to see at what stage this technology is at then feel free to view my latest project on YouTube.

  2. ian huntly

    In 2009 I was trying to re-create the 1950s, the era of 3D supplements in Picture Post, Eagle Comic etc. This re-creation was to commemorate the Japanese (Honda) entry into motorcycle racing on the Isle of Man.

    The results of my experiments can be seen on which is now into its second year.

    I wrote to a number of newspapers and magazines to request them to look at my website and received mixed publicity. However I now note that the Sun has produced a supplement similar to my technique………………

    VERRRRRY EEEnteresting

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