launches Twitter newspapers, a new (but not officially affiliated) Twitter application, has launched in alpha.

It creates a ‘newspaper’ using links that have been shared by both the specified user and the people they follow – from the past 24 hours. calls the Twitter account the ‘editor-in-chief’ and the people being followed by the account the ‘contributors’.

It comes with a small disclaimer: “As we are in alpha, we may have to turn off any new creations on short notice to make sure we can correctly scale our systems.”

The user’s live stream is shown at the side of the page and the main page displays content around related subjects. Google ads are placed at the right hand side.

Here’s a section of what the @journalismnews’ page, or paper, looks like. I wasn’t sure what to expect given that we’re following quite a diverse mix of people, but it’s actually quite tailored to our patch, journalism and media, with a live #journalism stream as well. But as you scroll down, the links become less relevant, with a ‘Switzerland’ section at the bottom of our page.

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