Index on Censorship: Conservatives pledge support to libel reform campaign

The Conservative party has joined Labour and the Liberal Democrats in pledging support to the Libel Reform Campaign, a coalition led by Index on Censorship, English PEN and Sense About Science.

Conservative shadow justice secretary, Dominic Grieve, said:

The Conservative party is committed, if elected, to undertaking a fundamental review of the libel laws with a view to enacting legislation to reform them. This reform could best be done by means of a separate Libel Bill and this is the preferred approach for us.

The Libel Reform campaign “is believed to be the first campaign by an NGO this year to get a manifesto commitment from all three major parties,” reports Index on Censorship.

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Disclaimer: has also pledged its support to the libel reform campaign.

Hear the Libel Reform Campaign’s Michael Harris talk about how he built the online buzz around this issue at’s upcoming news:rewired event, on 25 June 2010 in London.

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