Wikileaks releases video showing Apache shooting of Reuters news staff

Wikileaks today released a video depicting the slaying of more than 12 people – including two Reuters news staff – by two Apache helicopters using 30mm cannon fire.

The attack took place on the morning of 12 July 2007 in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad. Two children were also wounded.

Among the dead, were two Reuters news employees, Saeed Chmagh and Namir Noor-Eldeen. Chmagh was a 40-year-old Reuters driver and assistant; Noor-Eldeen was a 22-year-old war photographer.

An investigation by the US military concluded that the soldiers acted in accordance with the law of armed conflict and its own rules of engagement.

Reuters has been unsuccessfully trying to obtain the video through the Freedom of Information Act since the time of the attack.

More information can be found on the Collateral Murder website.

Warning: the following video contains highly disturbing imagery.

15 thoughts on “Wikileaks releases video showing Apache shooting of Reuters news staff

  1. Joe

    Shocking… respect for any life! I can only pray for the people that lost their family members! Shame on you america!

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  5. Eric

    I will agree that it is horrific but what does everyone think war is? Everyone drinking tea? The pilots acted in defense of the soldiers on the ground – the men had RPG’s and AK47’s and were scoping out the troops. The two photographers were hanging out with them, knowing who they were and what they do. If you put yourself in that position you must accept the consequences. Would people rather wait for a soldier to die before they can defend themselves? Being a veteran and only I know what it’s like in those situations and you will do whatever it takes to survive. Maybe it could have ended better but they did nothing wrong.

  6. matt

    you just dont get it do you Eric?

    Its not just about the poor photojournalist who was killed and the reporter, its the arrogance and lies that comes out afterwards.

    A camera is war is a very powerful and emotive tool.

    However, so is an Apache helicopter.

    Well is 2010 and the internet is a powerful tool and for once everyone can see the truth, hear the pilots laughing and equally share the truth.

    Yes, war is terrible. Reuters are a business rival, but today Im holding hands with them and sincerely hope they get justice.

  7. Eric

    I must have missed something. What lie were told?

    Yes, it was very bad conduct on the pilots part however, given that the men might be getting ready to kill their fellow team mates just like the thousands before them, I would be on the edge of laughing for joy because for once we got them before they got us. Unless you’ve ever been in that position it’s difficult to comprehend. Like I said though, I would refrain from it because taking a life is never to be taken lightly.

    I hate war and everything about it because it causes more issues than it resolves. People hide things and others find them and make good and bad assumptions. Now friends are clawing at each others throats over a few peoples conduct who are trying to survive in a war that never should have been.

    So yes, I get it Matt. I get that the conduct was wrong and some one should pay but having been a soldier and now a civilian I see it from both angles and understand why they acted that way. There’s one man that should pay dearly for it, the one that put them in that position to begin with.

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  9. Chris

    In response to erics posting, thank god that someone actually recognizes the fact that war is about that. All you others are stupid for saying the pilots were in the wrong. The pilots were doing their job. They were threatened with weapons and they acted on it. It’s not our problem that kids were in a vehicle in the middle of war. None of you are over there so you have no idea what it feels like to have a rpg in the hands of someone that wants to kill you. And that’s exactly what they wanted to do. Shoot the helicopter down. All of you should be ashamed that are saying these pilots and America is disgraced by this. You aren’t fighting, you aren defending this nation so don’t criticize the ones that are. They have alot more courage than some people that are writing on a blog saying that they are embarrased at the pilots’ actions. The gunner had every right to shoot them. Especially because of the fact, that most of you are probably disregarding, that the pilots were given permission to fire!! War is bad so face the fact and get over it. Or stop criticizing the people that keep this nation safe.

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