Guardian’s phone hacking interactive: ‘The growing web’

The Guardian’s Steve Busfield and Paddy Allen have produced a rather nice click-through interactive, showing how figures at News International fit into the phone hacking / blagging scandal.

Or as Steve Busfiled (@busfield) says on Twitter: “How the #phonehacking players are connected. And what they DON’T know.”

As noted on this blog this morning, the Guardian reported that Conservative director of communications Andy Coulson (former News of the World editor) is under pressure to defend “his knowledge about the illegal activities of his journalists amid new allegations about the paper’s involvement with private detectives who broke the law”.

For those interested in producing news interactive and visualisation features, please see my post from last week: ‘Data visualisations that tell the news’ – packed with links suggested by the FT’s deputy interactive editor, Cynthia O’Murchu.

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