Channel 4’s Tower Block of Commons gets interactive with 4ip-backed Yoosk

As part of its Tower Block of Commons series, where British MPs move into council estates to experience life there, Channel 4 is using crowdsourced interview website Yoosk to add an interactive element.

Yoosk, which has received backing from Channel 4’s public service media fund, 4ip, has been used by regional newspapers to set up regular Q&As with local authority figures and has always had a strong focus on connecting members of the public with politicians and representatives to get their questions answered.

Liberal Democrat MP Mark Oaten and Conservative MP Tim Loughton are the first members of the series to agree to answer questions and will do so on Monday.

“We are aiming to get some of the tenants that Mark and Tim met to go to Parliament to put the questions directly to them, so this will be no ordinary interview,” says the site, which is separate from the Channel 4 site for the programme, but is cross-linked.

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