The Digital Journalist’s Handbook goes on sale

A new book by Mark Luckie, the multimedia journalist behind and now reporter for California Watch, has gone on sale. I haven’t yet read it, but its contents sound very promising (the chapter run-down is at this link):

‘The Handbook’ is composed of 12 chapters, each dedicated to a different tool in the digital journalist’s toolbox, and includes a glossary with definitions of more than 130 technical terms and phrases commonly used in digital journalism. ‘The Handbook’ is also fully illustrated and contains diagrams and guidelines of everything from the layout of a typical blog to the features found on a digital audio recorder. In addition, each chapter includes links to online resources, tutorials, and examples of every technology mentioned in the book, including Flash, Photoshop, iMovie, Final Cut, Soundslides, Audacity, GarageBand, Google Maps and more.

Update: It appears it’s only available from with international shipping – we’ll investigate to find out if it will go on sale in the UK.

Update 2: Luckie believes that the book will be available in the UK in two weeks. We’ll post details here when it goes on sale.

Update 3: at this link!

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