NY Times reporter resigns following plagiarism accusations

The New York Times reports that the reporter accused of plagiarising parts of articles from rival titles has resigned.

Wall Street Journal managing editor, Robert Thomson, had complained to the New York Times over an article by Zachery Kouwe last Friday.

According to the NY Times, the Times editors “investigated and found other examples” of copied passages in  Kouwe’s work:

The Times made the matter public on Monday, when it published an Editors’ Note stating that Mr. Kouwe had copied passages from Wall Street Journal and Reuters articles, and used them “in a number” of his articles and in blog posts, without attribution. It did not say how many times that had occurred.

Also related: Alan D. Mutter reflects on the concept of plagiarism in the age of the internet, in his most recent blog post:

[B]ecause the web is open, easily accessible and readily searchable, it is more likely than ever that cheaters will be discovered faster and more surely than ever before.

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