Freelancers: put your tax questions to our expert

Nigel Simmons FCCA, managing director of Acconomy Limited, is on hand on the forum to answer questions on tax from freelance journalists, whether its getting started with VAT or moving to the UK from abroad.

This is a part of a sponsored feature on, but to put your question to Nigel it’s free – you just have to sign up to the forum.

There are full details of how to participate at this link and more details about Nigel’s firm Acconomy on the company website. Acconomy is a specialist accountancy practice for journalists and freelancers and is accredited by the Professional Contractors Group (PCG).

The advice contained in the tax advice section is intended as general guidance relating to a generic situation. No responsibility can be accepted by the author for actions taken by readers as a result of reading the advice given.

Readers should always seek professional advice from their own advisors who will be aware of client’s particular circumstances.

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