PR Week: The London Weekly defends its launch issue

The second issue of new London freesheet The London Weekly is expected to hit newstands today and its deputy editor has said doubters of the project “have too much time on their hands…”

Speculation has been rife about the credibility of the paper, which published its launch issue last week and was strongly criticised for mistakes and poor production in print. has even been involved in an open investigation to find out more about the paper – details of which are at this link.

[For more background on the paper’s launch and reaction see our reports at this link.]

But deputy editor Alan Mills said while the first issue wasn’t perfect, the project was definitely not a hoax and had “about nine or 10” writers working on a freelance basis. The release of the second issue is confirmed on the title’s website.

What this means for the other numerous writers listed on the paper’s website is anyone’s guess.

Full story at this link…

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