ScraperWiki blog: Hacks and Hackers hack day report

As we reported earlier this week, journalists and programmers got together last Friday in London to produce some fantastically inspirational projects.

ScraperWiki (behind a new data tool soon to launch in beta) has now published its report of the day, explaining each of the projects. With a little more work, these projects could make excellent news stories.

Here are two of the ideas, for starters:

Conservative Safe Seats (the project that won overall; see video for presentation)

Developer Edmund van der Burg, freelance journalist Anne Marie Cumiskey, Charlie Duff from, Ian McDonald of the BBC and Dafydd Vaughn munged a whole host of datasets together to produce an analysis of the new Conservative candidates in the 12 safest Tory seats in Britain. Their conclusions: British white and male, average age 53, Oxford-educated, rarely on Facebook or Twitter.

Who Pays Who (Enterprise Ireland)

Gavin Sheridan from and Duncan Parkes of mySociety used ScraperWiki to combine a list of grants made by Enterprise Ireland (which Gavin had aquired via an FOI request) with the profile data listed on the Enterprise Ireland website. This will no doubt be a source for stories in the near future.

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