Snow news day

I have just received an invite to the “BBC News, stop talking about SNOW!” Facebook group. It looks like some people think the BBC has taken Frozen Britain a little too far. The blurb:

We have BBC News 24 on in our media office every day. My colleagues and I are slowly losing the will to live, due to the BBC’s constant coverage of the weather. We, surprisingly, are aware it has been snowing. We are also very much aware it is cold. But we don’t need to see people of varying ages from a range of people around the UK talking about how cold it is, and how much they enjoy having a day of school. Or, for that matter, people texting in telling us how cold/snowy/inconvenient the weather is. We are very much aware. There are only so more pictures of snow in different places in the country that we can take. We’re now turning over to Sky News.

The alternative latest news from the group?

It’s still snowing in parts of the UK. It’s cold. Some kids are off school, some adults are off work. Some people have made snowmen. Some roads have been gritted. Some haven’t.

Facebook group at this link…

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  1. Pol

    Hopefully it’s not as bad as the sky news report I watched on Friday. The reporter pointed out that there was snow on the ground, then spent a good minute or so explaining it had been compacted into ice and that underneath the ice the tarmac was still there, but that driving conditions were difficult.

    Breaking news?

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