#newsrw: Kate Day, Telegraph.co.uk: ‘The more engaged you are with a community, the less confrontational things become’

In the latest of our speaker Q&As ahead of news:rewired on January 14, Kate Day, communities editor at the Telegraph, shares her thoughts about online journalism. Here’s an extract:

How do you deal with blogger backlash, or online confrontations? Or are they rare?

Online communities can undoubtedly turn hostile, particularly around more confrontational subjects, and it can be tricky when you’re in the middle of it. In general, the more engaged you are with a community, the more you listen and view everything you do as part of a conversation, the less confrontational things become.

What advice would you give to a student wishing to pursue a similar career path to yours?

Dive in and start talking to people via social media and blogs. One of the best things about the internet is how easy it makes it to share ideas and learn from other people. Many corners of the web have a very collaborative culture if you start listening. At the same time it’s important not to dismiss the lessons of traditional journalism. Learn as much as you can from editors and senior journalists but also look all over the internet for interesting new ways to apply your skills.

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