’s top 10 blog posts of 2009

Unless there’s a Christmas surge in traffic, the top 10 posts on the Editors’ blog in 2009 are as follows:

  1. 1. Ten things every journalist should know in 2009: this list of tools and trends for journalists is essential reading for 2010 too;
  2. 2. Twitterers claim victory over loaded Daily Mail gypsy poll: how Twitterers and emailing academics nearly brought the Daily Mail’s servers to a halt;
  3. 3. Personal comments detract from original MMR/LBC debate: an update in Guardian writer Ben Goldacre’s copyright case with LBC;
  4. 4. BNP members list leak gathers pace online – to link or not to link?: a post from 2008 that came back to light after speculation of a secondary BNP members’ list leak;
  5. 5. How to: Track a conversation in Twitter: more handy hints on using Twitter from @johncthompson;
  6. 6. The $10m lawsuit against the New Yorker – Papua New Guineans challenge Jared Diamond article: the story of a a $10 million defamation lawsuit in the US;
  7. 7. Labour conference wearies political hack (and it’s only day one) #lab09: a napping Michael White caught on camera;
  8. 8. Too old to become a journalist – The NCTJ fast-track course: say so long to your social life: part of our series from then Lambeth College journalism student Amy Oliver;
  9. 9. paidContent:UK: Sun’s page 3 girls too ‘obscene’ for Apple : paidContent:UK’s story in our daily editor’s picks on why Apple rejected the iPhone app;
  10. 10. Heather Brooke thanks the Speaker for ‘making my career’/Alan Keen update: FOI campaigner and investigative journalist on her investigation into the MPs’ expenses scandal.

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